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Mailchain is a Multi-Blockchain Messaging Application

Send and receive messages between blockchain addresses & accounts through a simple, email-like interface

About Mailchain

Send Encrypted Blockchain Messages

Mailchain makes it possible to easily send and receive rich-media HTML messages between blockchain public addresses through a simple, email-like interface.

All message contents & attachments are encrypted so only the intended recipient of the message can decrypt and view messages. Messages are stored off-chain to minimise the data added to the blockchain.

Use Cases

With Mailchain, there is no need to link emails, phone numbers or other identifiable information to communicate. The following use cases for sending email-like messages are possible with anonymity preserved.


Make accounting simpler to keep track of and account for sent and received payments.


Pay someone with Ethereum and send an accompanying message.


Application providers can send a receipt or proof-of-purchase to customers.


Send an invoice to an Ethereum account and let customers reply with a payment.


DApps can now communicate without asking users to add personal details.

DApp Reminders

Send reminders to users when an event or condition occurs, e.g. to reveal an ENS bid or when a balance reaches a high or low threshold.

DApp User Engagement

Increase engagement by notifying users about a product announcements and updates.

Sales Support

Raise a support request letting the vendor verify a purchase was made.

Contract and Asset Owners

There are times when you want to contact the owner of a contract or digital asset.

Digital Asset Offers

Make an offer to the owner of a special CryptoKitty or another digital asset (NFT).

ENS Registrants

Contact the registered owner of an ENS domain to discuss buying or using a parked name.

Smart Contract Support & Security

If you find a bug in a smart contract or need to flag an issue, you can send an encrypted message to the creator.

Projects and Token Issuers

It's important to be able to contact account users via their account or address.


Send a message with details of your airdrop instead of sending tokens to active addresses at random.


Keep your token holders up to date on news and progress.

Maintain Your Community

Nurture your community and communicate with your current or historic token holders.


Keep in touch with your community but let them remain anonymous.

Event Ticketing

Event organizers can send a ticket on receipt of payment for an event.

Charity Donations

Send a thank you message to 'givers of Eth' for any donations.

Project Updates

Send project updates to stakeholders to share progress and where money was spent.

Built to be simple, secure, and preserve anonymity.

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